Why Motion Point?

Skaters put their feet and ankles through a tremendous amount of pressure and lateral transverse side-to-side stress. The Motion Point Ankle Cuff is specifically designed to reduce the sheer forces and transverse stress on a skaters ankle.

The Motion Point Ankle Cuff is designed to prevent and manage the pain and discomfort skaters experience through the anterior ankle known as “Lace Bite”.

 The Mineral Oil Gel used in the Motion Point Ankle Cuff reduces the acute pressure friction ‘hot spots’ experienced on the anterior ankle tendons that result in the lace bite pain.


How to wear instructions/for best results:

We want you to have the best Motion Point Ankle Cuff fit experience. We recommend you wear the Motion Point Ankle Cuff under your socks in direct contact with the skin. 

Some skaters prefer to wear their Motion Point Ankle Cuff over their socks. This is ok as well. It’s up to you the skater to decided what feels best in your skate.

We do advise you do not stretch the Motion Point Ankle Cuff over the heel as it will result in premature wear of the gel and mesh. 



Product care instructions:

Hand Wash, air dry only.

If gel becomes sticky, sprinkle lightly with talcum powder.

Do not place on an open wound.